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Latest Work


Apple Orchard
Acrylic on canvas 30 x 30cm

The vibrant shimmering colours in the orchard work well with the pointilist style I love!

Apple Orchard II
Acrylic 40 x 40cm

Mountain Village in Oman
Acrylic on canvas  40 x 80cm

The mountain villages in Oman cling to the sides of the arid mountains, out of the way of harm if the rains come and the wadis fill with water.  A falaj (small canal) system brings water from high up in the mountains to irrigate the orchards and fields. 

Summer in the Ionian Islands, Greece
Acrylic on canvas 40 x 80cm

The skies are blue and the land is hot, dry and rocky. Olives trees grow in the dusty fields and cypresses pierce the skyline. A bright white chapel stands out on the hillside with a rocky path up from the beach. The sea looks so cool and inviting!

Freddie's Field in Autumn
Acrylic on canvas 60 x 60cm

Dry yellow and pink grasses blow in the fields, skeletal flower heads nod and the trees are letting their leaves free to fly in the wind.


Sun Through the Birch Trees

Acrylic on canvas 60 x 60 cm

The sun sparkles through the birch trees and illuminates the multi coloured woodland floor.

The Sheep are Blissfully Unaware (Summer in Freddie's Field)
Acrylic on canvas 60 x 60cm

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